about us

We are purveyors of Humboldt Artisanal Cannabis, some of the finest cannabis available on the market today. Grown with care and compassion by Family Farmers who live on the farms they grow on. Not some industrial gulag pumping out pesticide ridden cannabis as quickly as possible. Our Family Farmers really put in the time and dedication needed to hand produce Fine, Craft Cannabis. So, whether you enjoying one of our Fine, Hand-rolled Cigars or a pinch from a can of our premium pipe herb, you’ll know your smoking the very best sustainable cannabis for you and the world around you

55.4.13 Humboldt Artisanal Branding
The county shall develop a program for recognition and certification of commercial cannabis cultivators meeting standards to be established by the Agricultural Commissioner, including, but not limited to, the following criteria:
a) Outdoor Cultivation area of 3,000 sq. ft. or less
b) Operated by a County permit and state license holder who resides on the same parcel as the
cultivation site
c) Meets organic certification standards or the substantial equivalent



Our Selection



The colas are huge with frosty nugs, fit for a king. The potent smoke may cause euphoria and enlightenment, which makes it ideal for people who suffer from insomnia or anxiety. This strain is a real knockout with potential THC of 28%+.


Humboldt Sour Diesel is a fresh new take on the classic Sour Diesel with its extremely dense flower structure. No larf on these ladies. Its obvious skunky aroma makes this plant impossible to conceal. It is easy to grow and will double in size during flower. This low maintenance strain expresses moderate mold resistance. Humboldt Sour Diesel is sure to get your creative juices flowing. This strain produces a functional, energizing high that melts into a relaxing, cerebral high. HSD is particularly sought after by artists for its creative and inspirational stimulation.


Everything about our Venom OG is huge – the plant, the leaves, the nugs, and the high. It’s a great producer of dense, bright green nugs. This skunky smoke will leave you feeling like you’ve been bitten by a snake – get ready to chill out and snack your face off when you smoke this potent hybrid. This may be a great smoke for relief of anxiety, lack of appetite, and pain. Moderate/Heavy producer with extremely high THC levels 20%+.





Pineapple Train Wreck is a dense, compact plant that produces huge, bright green buds. It’s a high yielder with a relatively early finish date. We consider it a safe bet for the grower with a strict timeline. The sweet citrus smelling buds produce a relaxing effect. This is a great smoke for those experiencing anxiety.


The buds are like pillowy clouds covered in moonbeam sparkles. Extremely green buds with a sweet skunky smell. Expect to out grow your wildest dreams, with this extremely fast and easy to grow strain making her a gem for light deprivation. THC levels Push 23%, creating a light energetic high perfect for those on the go. May be effective against daytime pain, anxiety and muscle spasms.


I have been growing Humboldt Seed Company genetics for a year and I’ve never been disappointed. The strains are awesome and come out exactly as described. I’ll be growing Humboldt Seed Co. genetics for years to come
— Wes Martin